Adrina Tasty Moments

  • July 4, 2017

Everyone likes the “material” pleasures of life. Travelling, beautiful clothes, fast cars, boats and all those nice things..!
But if you were to ask what most people would select if they were forced to choose between all of the above and delicious food … the answer for most would definitely be the food!
And I’m sure many of our guests would choose the same. How do I come to this conclusion? I do not want to brag but:
People who love to eat are always the best people and our guests happen to be the best!

With this in mind, we create in our three restaurants unique gastronomic experiences based on the fresh fish and seafood given to us by the sea and ingredients generously given to us by the land.
All of this combined with the love for food and for the place as well as the unique atmosphere give the following result!




We are waiting for you at our restaurants, which you can visit regardless of the hotel you are staying.

Adrina Resort Nero Restaurant
Adrina Beach Taverna

Adrina Beach Taverna
Adrina Resort Kalispera Restaurant

Bon appetit



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