New Wi-Fi service in Adrina Hotels

  • July 24, 2017

It is nice to be able to communicate with your family and friends without limitation, wherever you are at any time.

2016 was the year that we experienced enormous problems with the internet, as it was impossible to support the online habits of 500 customers who wanted to make video calls and view video content online at the same time.

The internet provided in Skopelos is also affected by the use throughout the island. This means that the more visitors are on the island, the slower the speed of the internet as it is shared by everyone. At the same time, our hotels are 11 km away from Skopelos Town where Internet speeds are even lower.

Our hotels provide FREE WIFI for web email browsing (Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail etc) and social media browsing. At the same time we made a very large investment and secured a fixed and fast connection via a leased line with fast and stable internet speeds for anyone who needs it.
We made the decision for this investment after conducting a written survey of our customers throughout the 2016 tourist season where the answer was overwhelming:

“Put an extra charge for fast and steady internet speed like all other hotels do worldwide.”

This year we have managed to offer a guaranteed solution.

Upon your arrival you can get further information on what we can offer. you then can decide if you want to have a simple FREE connection or if you want to have fast internet services. The reception can give you a voucher for anything you want like live streaming, file downloading, video calls via viber, skype, VPN connection with your business.

Those customers who asked for and connected to the fast internet line this year made very positive comments about the speed of the internet.

We hope you will be happy with our new service and we will be glad to hear your own experience.



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